Crush with Border

Since my early teenage years, photography has been my passion. It has supported me in every possible way, creating a deep center in my life.

I know the result I want to achieve before I take out my camera, first creating the image in my mind. A strong technical vocabulary enables me to work intuitively, the camera being an extention of myself. Sensitive to composition, lighting and balance, I'm seeking a bold compelling image.

In each of my series of works, I have isolated my subjects from thier usual environments. Removed from how and where you would expect to see them, they take on an extraordinary life of their own as I reveal their geometric and textural dimension. Focusing on the essence of the subject that atracted me to it, I try to capture it in ways that accentuate an abstract composition based on shape, colour and light.

I believe my subjects become powerful and iconic when isolated. Stripping away the background reveals the essence of the subject, leaving us with only its purity and often surprising beauty.

I am constantly seaching for alternative ways of looking at things, and creating striking images that push the boundaries of the medium.