Magdalenae #3

Scotland born Gillean Proctor established himself as a successful photographer in London early on in his career, after studying photography at art college and apprenticing with several of London's leading photographers including the Professor of Photography at the prestigious Royal College of Art.

He moved to Toronto in 1973 and soon established Oasis, an internationally recognized art, design and photography partnership which quickly became one of the leading visual design studios in North America.

Gillean moved to New York in 1988 and then to London in 1991 where he directed film productions with both The Artists Company and Ridley Scott & Associates before returning to Canada in 1997.

He has won multiple awards, some of which include The Art Directors Club of New York, The American Institute of Graphic Arts, Communication Arts Los Angeles, Cannes Film Festival and most recently The International Photography Awards.

Gillean is best known for his conceptual work and bold graphic images. His sensitivity and intuitive sense of composition, lighting and balance carries through all his work.

He now lives and works from Salt Spring Island, near Vancouver, BC, Canada.